Hydra Player

Hydra is the universal player for all file-based media. Frame-accurate playback of anything.

The Hydra Player uses the same demux/decode engine as Digimetrics' leading QC suite, Aurora, so anything that can be tested can be played back.

Every Aurora report contains a hyperlink to launch Hydra at the exact frame (and correct program) of the reported error, and you can move frame forward and backward easily using the space bar and arrow keys.

Audio playback is presented in a frame-accurate waveform view, which can be toggled on or off easily.

Caption and subtitle data can be displayed overlaid on the video frame, timed precisely with the video PTS.

Hydra Standard, with PC playback, is included with all purchases of Aurora Pro (each Aurora Pro VU includes one seat of Hydra player).
Hydra Player licenses may also be purchased separately by contacting your Digimetrics distributor.
Hydra Pro, with SDI output, is available as an add-on/option, with support for AJA (Kona and OEM) and DekTec (DTA-2152, DTA-2144 and DTU-245) hardware.