Eos Correction

Eos is Broadcast Standards Monitoring & Correction. Add Trust To Your Editing.

Trust means that the files out of editing meet Broadcast Standards for:

Eos is available as a series of plug-ins for third-party products or as a standalone application, Eos AutoFix, providing measurement and AutoFix correction for video and audio levels, in addition to safe title/action overlays for most internationally recognized broadcast formats.

Product Correction Type Platform Availability
Eos AutoFix - Audio Loudness Broadcast Audio Windows (32 or 64 bit)
Eos Audio Normalizer Plugin Broadcast Audio Digital Rapids Kayak applications
Eos Audio Normalizer Plugin Broadcast Audio Telestream Vantage (coming soon)
Eos Broadcast Video Plugin Broadcast Audio Final Cut Pro 6/7

Eos Audio Correction

All Eos Audio Correction applications and plugins are designed for measurement and correction of average audio loudness based upon the ITU-R BS.1770 series of specifications, including EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ARIB TR-B32, allowing for compliance with North American, European, Japanese and other national regulations.

Eos uses the same measurement as Digimetrics' Aurora QC suite and adds a dynamic range corrector to ensure that the volume isn't just turned down...Eos dynamically adjusts only the sections of audio that are out of compliance.

Dynamic correction uses a moving window to establish an audio level based on the LKFS weighting in the selected standard, and then determines whether a volume adjustment and/or dynamic range compression should be applied to a specific window based upon the LKFS, gate/range and measure window thresholds of that standard. Dynamic range compression is applied using a soft knee filter, which is adjustable in the advanced settings of the Eos Audio Correction tools, using Attack, Release and Ratio parameters.

Eos AutoFix - Audio Loudness for Windows

Eos AutoFix for Broadcast Audio is a standalone application, designed for measurement and correction of average loudness.

Uniquely, Eos AutoFix offers the ability to correct the audio and re-insert it into a copy of the original container without a re-mux operation, ensuring that the output has all of your original mux parameters, metadata and stream layout.

With support for most broadcast level containers, including Transport Stream, MXF, GXF and LXF, as well the common internet delivery container, MP4/MOV, Eos AutoFix is ready for your workflow today, with out of the box support for PCM audio (including BWF and AES), AAC, MPEG Audio and optional support for all Dolby codecs.

XML-based reports are available, showing the measurement and correction results.

Eos Audio Normalizer Plugin

Eos Audio Normalizer is a plugin designed for measurement and correction of average loudness to a wide variety of workflow systems, including Digital Rapids Kayak-based applications, such as their Transcode Manager, and coming soon, Telestream Vantage.

By attaching the Eos Audio Normalizer within a workflow, you can allow your existing, trusted, transcoder and mux processes manipulate the incoming file and create a new output file after audio correction.

Audio correction occurs once the workflow system has decoded the audio within the PCM domain, allowing for nearly any codec or container that a workflow system supports to be handled by Eos Audio Normalizer.

Configuration is handled within the plugin itself, so there is no need of an external system or box. Reporting of the measured loudness results is available as a native output from the plugin.

Eos Broadcast Video Plugin for Final Cut Pro

You can choose to measure gamut against ITU color standards BT.601 or BT.709, or define your own custom color space using the Y', Cb' and Cr' coefficients for the RGB components.

Measurement and correction results are provided in an XML-based report, showing which frames are out of gamut, and if AutoFix is enabled, which color components were adjusted.

Safe Title/Action Area overlays are provided in the preview window for:

using the following standards for measurement:

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The testing components of Eos are the same as used in Digimetrics' leading file-based QC suite, Aurora. So the same measurements used for testing your ingest, transcoding and playout storage can now be used directly in your editing process.

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Eos AutoFix
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