Aurora is Automated, No-Reference, File-Based QC. Add Trust To Your Files.

Trust means that your files from ingest, transcode, archive or capture meet your expectations:

Aurora is the one production-capable QC tool today which provides this level of trust by ensuring that your files are exactly what you expect.

Offering Complete Metadata QC tests specific for:

Aurora is available with either a perpetual or subscription license, and is sold per VU (each VU tests one file concurrently):

Perpetual License - sold per VU, with support & maintenance available separately.

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Aurora Standard - each verification unit includes tests for container and codec metadata, distribution and syntax checks and minimal quality items. Includes one seat of Hydra Player.

Aurora Pro – each verification unit includes tests for container and codec metadata, caption tests, distribution and syntax checks, and all audio and video quality items, as well as the ability to accelerate testing using the nVidia Tesla GPU with CUDA technology. Includes one seat of Hydra Player.

Subscription License – sold per VU per month (30 days), with support & maintenance included.

Aurora On-Demand (Monthly Subscription)

Aurora On-Demand - one-month (30 day) automatically recurring subscription of one Aurora Pro verification unit. Includes one seat of Hydra Player for the duration of the subscription. Includes software updates, upgrades and 24 hr, 5 day a week support for the duration of the subscription.

Quality Algorithms are focused on delivering frames that contain artifacts that your eye can see and your ear can hear, rather than false positives.

Unique 3-level Macroblocking Analysis - specifically built to avoid false positives; allows you to set limits on the simple test of detecting macroblock edges, but then gives you the ability to really find where those edges will actually cause the user to see or report a problem.

First of its' kind Tape Hit Detection - invented and designed by Digimetrics with the ability to detect RF drop outs during tape ingest, including common issues of intermittent block-based line artifacts, shiny spots, mosaic patterns, partial line drop outs and field-based chroma loss.

Photo-sensitive epilepsy/Flashing test - designed specifically to be compliant to the published Harding guidelines required for use by OFCOM in Rule 2.12 and NAB Japan.

Perceptual Visual Artifact Detection - yet another first from Digimetrics, our perceptual artifact detector is designed the same way the human eye and brain work together to spot visual artifacts, without ever needing an external reference. By utilizing structural similarity of both the entire frame and segments of the frame, along with motion compensation, Aurora can spot visual disruptions to the video picture by using the surrounding frames as a point of reference, allowing automated location of film artifacts, analog noise and other non-pattern-based disruptions.

Supports Your Workflow Today - Aurora was built with automated workflows in mind, so all Aurora processes are built around our web-services API (a WSDL-based SOAP API), allowing for easy integration into any workflow, whether in-house or off-the-shelf. Includes native hot folder monitoring, making you instantly productive from day one. E-mail notifications are also built-in.

Cross Platform

Built on a Windows service back-end, the Aurora APIs and user interface are all web-based, allowing rollout on Windows, Mac OS or Linux based architectures. Aurora can natively read files from their location on your network, including generic file systems such as NFS, CIFS, NTFS, SMB and proprietary systems like Omneon MGFS, Harris Nexio, SeaChange, event IS, Vigor Systems and Avid ISIS.

Made for Speed

With the ability to process SD files 2x to 5x faster than real-time and HD content at real-time or faster, our GPU accelerated quality testing allows you to use the power of nVidia's CUDA technology to run QC much faster than possible on the CPU alone.

Designed to produce Easy to Read Reports with actionable information, Aurora's reports are XML, rendered as your choice of HTML or PDF.

Simple to Setup - installing on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 with as few as three clicks in under 20 minutes in most cases. No pre-requisites, IT configuration or post-deployment changes necessary.

Additionally, our new template editor makes designing test templates simple in an easy-to understand layout, and allows you to import and export templates via XML.

Aurora's Smart Test Plan feature allows you quickly define how which test template to apply to your incoming files, based upon file characteristics, such as filename, container type, video frame size, runtime, or any other piece of metadata available from the file.

Full Codec & Container Support

Video Codecs - H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264/MVC, AVC Intra, IMX 30/40/50 (D10), Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, Cineform, DV, DVCPro 25/50/100, JPEG2000, Motion JPEG, Flash VP-6/7, Baseband RGB/YUV/HUFF, H.263/+, MPEG-4 Pt. 2, EXR, DPX, RED

Audio Codecs - PCM (WAV/BWF/AES), AC-3/Dolby Digital, EAC-3/Dolby Digital Plus, MLP/Dolby TrueHD, Dolby E, AAC, HE-AAC, DTS, DTS-HD/Master Audio, MPEG-1, MPEG-2/L-1-2-2, AIFF, WMA Standard, WMA Pro

Containers - Transport, Program, MXF, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV/ASF, MP4, 3GPP, GXF, LXF (referenced essence for MXF and MOV)

Wide Range of Metadata and Quality Tests
See our PDF brochure for full test list.

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Standard-Pro Feature Comparison (PDF)

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