Some highlights of Digimetrics company history:

2008 Company Founded in August, version 1 automated QC product shown at IBC
2009 Aurora 2.0 launched at NAB, introducing integrated automation with SOAP-based API
2010 Aurora 3.0 launched at NAB, highlighting several new visual artifact detections, including the invention of tape hit detection

Integration with Amberfin iCR starts a wave of integrated QC solutions for Digimetrics

Aurora available as a native component within SeaChange event IS servers
2011 Hydra Player launched, first player with the ability to playback any file-based media format and allow for frame synchronous and frame accurate review directly from the QC process.

Eos automated correction tools launched on Final Cut Pro with correction for color gamut and average loudness levels

Aurora 4.0 previewed at IBC, showcasing the invention of perceptual artifact detection, allowing automated QC to, for the first time, locate analog and film artifacts without knowledge of patterns or locations.

Harris Corporation chooses Digimetrics as the OEM provider of QuiC Pro and QuiC View, affirming Digimetrics’ pos ition as the leading QC vendor in the industry
2012 NAB debut of Aurora’s Smart Test Plan feature, allow in automated selection of test templates based upon incoming file characteristics. Also, Hydra Player with SDI output launched with support for DekTec and AJA hardware

Cube-Tec chooses Aurora QC as the integrated QC component for Cube Flows

Eos AutoFix standalone application with unique ability to insert corrected audio into a copy of the original container, preserving all ancillary data, metadata and mux parameters.

Eos plugins for audio correction available for Digital Rapids Kayak applications

Aurora integrated into Telestream Vantage and available as plugin for Harmonic’s Omneon MAS